Home Buyer Consultation

We have heard over and over from our customers "we bought this home and right after we moved in we started noticing all these cracks in the walls and missing grout, etc." Though when our technicians walk in a house, we can see all the minor imperfections through out the house immediately. When your job is to fix these things, they stick out to you wherever you go!

This need has given us an idea! So we are now offering a "Home Buyer Consultation". We will walk the whole house much like a home inspector does, though home inspectors are trained to look for bigger problems and code violations, not cosmetic damage.

Here is a link to an article about what home inspectors look for.

When we are finished we will compile a document with pictures and descriptions on all that we have found. You will be able to bring this to the seller and potentially get funds to fix these issues or a reduced selling price! We can then recommend either our company or another company that we trust to do good work for you.

We are still working out pricing, if you are interested in this service click the link below to contact us!